Visit with old Room mates

When I first came to SF, I did this thing. You answer all sorts of questions and then they match you with people. Well, Cheesy yes, but it works. I got matched with a guy named Seth. I called him up and we had a great conversation. All accept the very beginning where his family, who he was staying with before his move, thought that I was nuts. It was about 1:00-1:30 in the morning when I called. (It was only 10:00 on the west coast)

It turned out that Seth and I got along amazingly well and he had already touched base with a guy in SF who had a flat and was looking for roommates. The flat was a 4 bedroom space on Divis and McCallister. (perfect location for me as my then boyfriend's law school was right on McCallister about 20 blocks down!!!

Scott was looking at some other people but said he would call us. It was not more then 6 hours later that we got the call that he would love us to move in. Wayne was our 4th room mate.

We all got along so well. The 4 of us and my cat Calvin had such a great time. We were sooned joined by a 5th room mate, Greg. Greg was a great addition to our 4some. We all had a great time together. Each room mate filled different roles in the house and it was wonderful. I cannot imagine a better living situation other then the one I have now.

I just got in touch with my old room mates via and they all live in the area still. Wayne is the old one that is a ways out but not too far.

We all met up for some drinks in the old neighborhood and went for a great pizza. Since so much of my trip was about food the fact that we were eating killer spicy wings and an awesome pizza was a great night. Cassy was one of the roommates that filled my room (now dubbed the girls room) She joined us and we all had a great time. I am so lucky to have had such wonderful roommates and that we are all still friends.

Scott at one point brought up Calvin and paused thinking that it might be sad as Calvin might not be with me anymore (not shocking considering it has been about 8 years) I smiled and gladly told him that Calvin is in Mexico with me and is as fat as ever!!! They were all happy to hear it. Especially since I made all of them wake up at 2:00 in the morning and go all over the house and find Calvin. Although they all hated me at the moment they were all happy when we found her safe.

I really wish Wayne would have been able to join us. I heard he is getting married this year and I am so excited for him. I am so lucky to have had such great room mates. And the fact that all of us had just moved into the city from all over was also sort of cool.


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