Visiting San Francisco .

Okay... so I have not been able to blog about this because Juana, Ruben's sister, and I wanted to keep it a surprise for his family up here but we are in San Francisco. I am so excited about being here. Ruben and I lived here for so long and we loved it so much. I miss the energy of this place. The flight was tough. There were 2. The first was only only 2 hours to Mexico City and went very well. The 2nd was about 4.5 hours and was late and there was turbulence. I hate turbulence.

I must say that I love flying on Mexicana. In my opinion it is the best airline to fly to Mexico. They have a good baggage policy, free food and drinks (even cocktails) and the nicest people. There are lots of flights and they are on time. The food was also very good.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. When we woke up, I took the girls to breakfast at my friends restaurant in the very fancy Intercontinental Hotel here. The breakfast was very nice. The berries were my favorite. After breakfast I took Lena and Melanie over to the store to buy a few things that Lena needed.
The girls got matching dresses and ran around Yerba Buena park while I sat and talked with my friend Heidi. We took the girls to a grea frozen yogurt place. There were a bunch of flavors to try and every topping that you could hope for.

Later that night I went to dinner with Juana and Heidi at my favorite restaurant, the Mona Lisa. This is the only thing that I ever sent Ruben our for when i was pregnant. My favorite dish is the tortellini with a gorgonzola cheese sauce. It was even as yummy as I remember. Dinner was amazing and then we went over to Juana's husband's work. It is a really fancy restaurant bar and so it was really fun.


Samantha the ArmyWife said...

i love all the pics! I never posted as many as you, but I def won't be going forward... brody ate the camera! GRRR!!
Great to see you having some fun!

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