New Centro Plaza

As I was sitting here working on the computer Akilean came up to me holding our younger kitten and says to me in his adddorable 4 year old stutter... "Mom there are eggs in the cats tummy and when the eggs break there will be more cats like this one." He said it so matter of fact and excited of his knowledge. It was really cute. I did not have the heart to tell him that Hobbs is a boy. And I certainly did not want to go into the whole explination.

Actually, Akilean had been really cute today. We walked into town like normal to pick up a few things at the fruiteria and some cat food. We walked over to our favorite place to get ice cream and juice. We got 2 bags of juice, one pineapple and one horchata. Then we walked over to see all of the developments at the new park. Akilean looks so cute drinking from his little bag. And his hair really has gotten long. It is usually in a braid but my hands are kaput after the wedding.

The empty space next door to city hall and the HSBC bank right in the middle of town has had a total transformation. We knew it was going to happen soon and we are glad that it is done.

When we first got here, this area was a empty dirt space used mostly for parking. There was some play equipment but it was in really bad shape. The tetter-totter either was missing a seat - YIKES! or missing a handle. The swings were made of that old spintered wood and very few had both sides attached and the monkey bars where missing the rungs to the ladder to reach it. It was a sad site.

About 2 months ago we noticed that there were some changes. It was being cleared and marked out. It was great to see it take shape. And then about 2 weeks ago the chainlink fence that had closed it off came down and it suddenly became more of a plaza. There were the begginings of a nice area.

Well today we got to see the almost finished project. There is a large paved square right off the main road and there are great large pathways leading off of it towards the basketball quart and the old square area. This is right across from my favorite spot for helado y paletas it is called Reyna de Michoacan.

The park has a new play structure that is really nice. It is that sort of plastic that does not get too hot in the sun. That is very important around here. The park by our house is ALL METEL. - It sucks. The other thing that I love about this park is that they did sand underneith the shole area. That is perfect.

There were beautiful Mayan statues around but 1 did not see any garbage cans. Hopefully that will be fixed. This is going to be a wonderful place to hang out. I am sure there will be lost of fun events in the updoming year in this centro.

Everything is almost finished and they are setting up for the swearing in on the new president of Tulum. Marciano is currently the president of the Ejido and won the election by a landslide. He is the very first president of Tulum since it just becamse a municipality last year.

This park goes well with the other new developments that have sped to their completion. For example, the road was expanded from Playa del Carmen, all the way thorugh Tulum and further south towards Carillo Puerto. With this has come more Topes.

For anyone who lives here, they know that sign for Topes (speed bumps) That is because, if you are lucky enough to have a sign at all, it is positioned directly at the tope. This is basically a "here is what you are about to experience" sign as you frantically try to hit the breaks and being unsucsesful, go flying 2 meters into the air in a car the size of a tin can.

My favorite topes are the ones the ones on dark unlit roads with no sign or paint. That is a thrill! Some places are better- the topes have paint, a sign and a warning sign! That is very exciting. So know we have a bunch of topes in town.

There is also a large water feature at the first round-a-bout on the main road. I do not have a pic yet.


CancunCanuck said...

How wonderful that the town has built something for the community! I think too often the tourist cities forget to take care of their own, building things for tourists and not for the locals. Glad to see you've got a great place to take the munchkins!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

We have no real parks here at all. It seems people go to the beach or town square to play.

The kids' school does have play equipment.

I hear ya about the Topes! That is a real difference here versus NOB.

Lori said...

Wow that looks like a great park. I wish we were closer so that we could meet up there.

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