Another Great Sunday at the Beach!!!

Yesterday was a great day. In the beginning of the day the kids curled up in a fort they made and watched cartoons and Ruben and I laid in bed, drank coffee and watched The West Wing dvds. This is one of my all time favorite shows. I love Washington DC and I love politics so this show was always fun for me.

I especially love watching it and other Washington DC set movies due to the latest trip that I had there with Ruben. It was so amazing. There were a lot of amazing memories but the best was was renting bikes and riding all over the mall late at night and seeing all of the monuments lit up. We had some pretty amazing experiences. Here is the whole story...

This is a few of my favorite pics from the trip.

But anyway... so Ruben and I watched The West Wing, episode after episode after episode. It was great. I cannot wait to see season 5 and 6 again. These are the ones that I have not seen in forever!

We then packed up a some chicken salad, some chips and our massive bottle of water and headed off to the beach. We got lucky that Ruben did not have to work today. When the hotel is not at 100% then they will close 1 of the restaurants and everyone in that restaurant gets the days off. Nice when you have a flat fee pay. :)

The beach was very populated. Sunday's are the day most families spend together. There were lots of kids running around and lots of fruit being sold. We pack our own, but there is nothing like fresh cut fruit on a hot day at the beach.

We built another great sandcastle. The sand here is a lot softer then we are used to so we are learning how to build really good castles here. Ruben kept getting asked where our permit was to build on the beach. :) I thought that this was a really good castle.

The kids ran around chasing a kite. It was really cute. I think that we will have to buy a kite the next time we are in the USA. There is certainly a lot of wind here.
After a while we headed home and finished off our chicken soup we made the other day and watched the movie Casino which I had never seen. It was a great movie.


CancunCanuck said...

How fun, family day! I wish I had had your phone number yesterday, we went to Casa Cenote (on your recommendation) and it would have been great for you to join us! Next time, next time, pick a Sunday and let's go!

Refried Dreamer said...

thanks for checking out my blog. you have a gorgeous family! I wouldn't plan on coming to Jalisco just yet. There's a tattoo show in Merida in October.. and we'll be coming!!! hopefully we'll see you there! :)

Mama of 4 said...

I thought I had posted a comment but mabye I just thought about it?? Anyhow, those are great pics of you and your hubby. I LOVE lazy days where we just get to hang out and relax as a family!

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