After a long delay

Well, 1 thing that I will say about here... they do not let a lot of time go by between your bill being due and it being shut off. But, our anniversary dinner was worth it! Not that it was that extravagant but anything feels extravagant after the budget we have been living on these past many months. The other reason we ran totally out of money is.... We finally paid the 10,000 pesos to legally transfer our land from the ejido to us. This was the final step that we needed to do to fully own the land. (well, that is not entirely true. We still get to deal with Mexico City, and this being Mexico I am sure that this is not done.) But it at least feels done right now and it did take all of our money.

But that is okay. We are back up and going again. I am excited to catch up on all of my blogger friends. This whole blogging thing has really evolved for me. I was never a real blogger or even diary keeper. But I had some cousins start one and I thought that it would be a good way to share pictures with Ruben's family when we moved away. But when we all came to Mexico it became the main way for our loved ones to know we were okay, see what we were doing in this far away place, and to watch just how long we were going to let our son's hair get. -- PS- it is still going. Soon he will be able to donate to Locks for Love 2 times with 1 hair cut. (you need 10 inches) But he looks so cute.As you can see... it is getting pretty long. but it is usually in a braid which makes him look so cute. (I think)

When I first started this blog I did not think that anyone would really read it. I did not think anyone would care. So I just wrote anything that I wanted. Our immigration lawyer said to keep a diary from the time that we left and since typing is easier for me then holding a pen, this works. But I am amazed that on average I have about 60 people a day read this thing. Now granted that is double almost tripled from when I posted about how safe it is here in Tulum and safe in the Rivera Maya.
By the way... Yes it is very safe to travel in the Mayan Rivera.

But the one thing that I have been most surprised about is the amount of friends that I have "meet" There are so many people, people that would like if we met at a party in San Francisco anyway, and here we are in the middle of Mexico meeting on the Internet. There are so many people that are here for me. God bless the Internet. And there are so many people who read and leave comments and have a genuine interest and concern for us. They want to know how and what we are doing and offer suggestions about things that we will like. This makes me very happy. For example, I just found out about the Tulum Social Club. There are a bunch of people who live here, wanna live here, have business or family here or just know that this is a kick ass town. I am excited to find out more about it.

well, anyway, I am going to go catch up on what has been going on in everyone's lives this past week. So it is off to my blog role. :) I just want to say thank you to all the people who do read, who comment and who just see the blog and say.." I hope all is going well for that young lady." Thank you!

And get ready for the onslaught of posts and photos of what we have been doing with our time.


Diane said...

You do a great job! It is a very cool blog! :)

On Mexican Time said...

You are right - it's a great way to meet and make some great friends in the area!!! We'll have to get together one of these days!!

Oh and his hair does look super cute!

Keep it up chica!

Paula said...

Hey Sweetie, glad to hear you are back up and running! BIG CONGRATS on getting the first step done rregarding your land
love you

K.W. Michigan said...

Yep .. I'm one of your readers .. love your blog and the photos! Keep up the good work!

Dave said...

Just found your blog a couple days ago and must say you and your lovely family have me captivated. My wife & I are 4 years from retiring to Mexico...we love it. Trying to decide between Puerto Vallarta area & Riviera Maya... We've been to & love both. Hope to meet you one day...God bless.
Dave & Kim Gisriel
Rockport TX

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