I am back with lots to tell!!!

I am back from one of the most memorable weeks of my life. I have so much to tell and show about the last few days that it is going to take several posts. Please stay tuned for all of the details. Let's just say that this weekend included farming, new babies, a wedding, several beers, scandal, a fight, a priest taking off- decorations being hung by 5 frantic white chicks in an ALL Mayan town in the middle of the Yucatan peninsula and the baking of 2 wedding cakes. There were also caves, hiking through ruins, being followed by monkey that swung from 4 meters away, exploring old haciendas, swimming with bats in cenotes, seeing the serpent on the side of Chichen Itza's El Castillo during the spring equinox- you name it, we did it.

Seeing as this was a weekend full of kids, cooking, translating, craziness, fun and a lot of cervezas... it is going to take me some time to get it up.

Sorry for those of you who have emailed with questions about this beautiful area- I will be returning emails soon.


Samantha the ArmyWife said...

I can't wait to see what you've been up to!!! I keep looking for your recipes... :( but nada! Happy you're back sis-in-law!

Mama of 4 said...

Ohhhh, Sounds exciting, cant wait to hear all about it!

Paula said...

I wait with anticipation to hear all the details
glad to hesr you are back home
love you

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