Laundry on the roof and dishes in the back yard

There are something that I really love about living in Tulum. My daily life is so different then what I was used to. For one- the kids being ABSOLUTLY drenched to the bone in the front yard is a daily thing.

The construction of homes in Tulum, especially for rental homes, does not use a lot of extra materials. Things such as closets, shelves, counters or cupboards are simply not the norm. In our old house, our kitchen was literally a small sink that stuck crooked off the wall. There were no shelves in any bathroom nor any.... well, anything anywhere.

Now the house we are in now is so much better. The bedrooms each have a few shelves and a hanging rod and the kitchen has at least a counter! This is very nice. We have made our own make shift stuff around to work for now. But all of this limited counter and shelf stuff has lead me to do things a little differently.

For starters, I have to do my dishes outside, in the washbasin that many Mexican families traditionally wash their cloths in. It works really well and I simply have small table with a towel on it to dry. When I am standing outside on a hot day, thankfully in the shade, taking all the time in the world to do my dishes. I get to relax and take my time and it is not a pain at all. Well, that is not the right word. It hurts my hands like crazy but there in nothing that does not. More accurate is that it makes this chore much more enjoyable.

It has become the same for doing the laundry. We wanted to enjoy our back yard area more so Ruben built me laundry lines on the roof. When I come back from the USA, I am going to bring some fabric to surround the roof. This will create a more private area. That way we can sit up there and make a nice little sit spot and it will be blocked from the street. Not to mention that people won't be able to see my cloths flopping around the roof. It is going to look very cool when we are done

But that is the other thing I love about living here. Hanging my cloths on the cloths line is such a relaxing thing. I mean, I have no rush, I am in the sun, I can see the jungle behind my house and hear all sorts of birds. (those are annoying early in the morning though)

Once I get roof more set up I will take pictures. For now... my cloths are out for all to see. but luckily the cloths dry so fast that I do not really need to worry.

I love living in Tulum.


On Mexican Time said...

Too cute!!!

Paula said...

clothes drying on a line brings back many memories! You certainly doing aloth with what you have. Love you so dearly

Anonymous said...

What a family! Your husban is a lucky guy, do you have any sisters?

American Mommy in Mexico said...

I have to admit - I am impressed with your domestic skills!

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