Our anniversary & a 3 year reunion

Jessica arrived in Playa del Carmen after a bit of drama with the flights. We spent a really nice afternoon in Playa and ate some of my favorite tortilla soup. As you can see Akilean LOVES this soup. And it was the perfect warm up after our late afternoon dip in the ocean.
Once we got the kids back to the house it did not take us long to pass out. We were all really tired from a long day in the sun.

The past 36 hours have been absolutely AMAZING! Yesterday was Ruben and my 7 year anniversary. Now, for those of you who were at our wedding, you are probably confused. Since it was only 3 years ago and in October that we got married. But 7 years ago Ruben and I knew we had to be together. Our wedding came so much later and involved our whole family, so we consider that more of our family anniversary. When you consider that the only people in our wedding were our parents and our kids. :) But March 5th is when we consider our relationship to have kicked off. We knew that this was not some little thing!

So yesterday was the best day. My friend Jessica flew into to town and came to visit. I have not seen her since my wedding day over 3 years ago. It has been so great. And much to my surprise Ruben got the day off work. First things first, we got some tacos from one of our favorite taco stands, (you know the one Mom and Neal) grabbed some beers and headed to the beach.

We went to the beach at El Pariso. There are a few more people down this way and more palm trees on the beach for shade. It was absolutely wonderful. There were a few scary moments when we thought that the clouds were going to take over but nope!!!

Ruben and the kids built a great sand castle and Akilean had a great time playing in it. Ruben thinks that it is his best one to date.

Kennedy and Ruben played soccer on the beach, we got a tan and every one swam in the ocean. It was perfect day. Not to mention that we got a very early start so that is always nice.

After a while we headed home and everyone spent the next while trying to get sand out of their hair. Jessica and I headed into town to look around the shops while the kids played with some friends and Ruben took a little nap. He does not like getting dragged around to all the stores and just browse at all the fun stuff.

Once we collected Ruben, we took the kids to my friends house who was kind enough to watch them for us and we went out to dinner and it was one of my favorites and it was Ruben's best meal yet. We ate at Nero di Sole. This is a wonderful Italian place right in the middle of town and it has such a great atmosphere. The dinner was amazing. They also have a little hotel but I have not seen it or know anyone who stayed there. We have eaten at this spot a few times but we usually get a little pizza to share. This was wonderful.

Our dinner was amazing. We split some marinated shrimp with what was supposed to be feta cheese but it was not. It was probably some mozzerella shreds. Oh well. We also had a caprese salad. For dinner Jessica's red snapper was perfect, fresh and flavorful. Ruben had wonderful steak medalions in a green peppercorn sauce and that was great. and I got shrimp in a garlic sauce. All were served with roasted potatoes and a little veg that was more of a garnish. At the end, even though we were not hungry but Ruben knows that tiramisu is my favorite and it is our anniversary after all.

After our killer dinner we went and had a drink at a few spots in the area. There are so many cute bars that are all closed during the day so I have never seen them. It was really fun. We went to one spot that was going to have a flamenco show but we headed out before that.

We headed home, grabbed the kids and all hung out at the house for a while. It was a wonderful anniversary! Jessica is leaving today to Ozkutcab to see Jordan but I will see them all soon for the wedding.


CancunCanuck said...

Felicidades! Congrats on the anniversary and on the visit and on a grown up night out, wow! You sound so happy, nice to hear it. :)

Mama of 4 said...

Those are great pics, and you are such a cute couple. Congratulations on the anniversary, I too celebrate an anniversary date that is different then when we actually married.

Paula said...

Honey, what cute pics! Wow you are really getting tan and skinny! The day at the ocean looks like you guys had a ton of fun...love you dearly

On Mexican Time said...

YES! Felicidades!!!! Looks like you had a great day/evening!!!!

We celebrate 2 anniversaries - our church ceremony, and our civil ceremony were almost a full year apart!

Bill said...

Greetings from Casa Playa Maya on Soliman Bay en frente de Retaurante Oscar y Lalo about 8 km NORTH of Tulum.

Congratulations on 7 years! I came down here in 1996, found an empty Bay and Built Casa Playa Maya which I was told cound not be built.

I advise you all to Join the Tulum Social Club at www.tulumsocialclub.com which is a great forum and great site for all things TULUM. Again Congratualtions!

Bill Koller

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

canuck- thanks!!! Anniversary or not- the babysitter was the thing to celebrate!

Mama- see- twice the fun! I love it.

Momma- I miss you skinny- your crazy! with fresh corn tortilla everywhere there is no hope!

Mexican Time- That is funny- I am going to a wedding next week- same thing! hehehe

Bill- So nice to "meet" you- Thank social club is my next site to visit. The kids and I will come on up some time. We have not made it to Soliman Bay yet. I love field trips.

And thanks all for the congratulations!

Bill said...

Well Field Trips to Casa Playa Maya can be made 15, 16 or 17 March asthe Habitaciones are empty! We have the BEST snorket bay on the coast and I have Kayks foryour use!

984 128 0037

Bill K

Lori said...

Mins, Congrats!! You look amazing!

Michele in Playa said...

Happy, happy Anniversary!! You two look so happy ogether. What a nice life you are building for your children!!

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