Cabanas Copal, Tulum, Mexico

My friends came into town from the USA as we all prepare to head to my good friend Jordan's wedding in Oxzutcab. The first part of this very adventurous week started with stay at Cabanas Copal.

We got some great pictures of Cabanas Copal. I have heard about this place and it is one of the places that seems to be better known and very well advertised. I know that they have a range of cabanas, some with more amenities then others. I have not seen these rooms but I am sure that they are nice.

My friends room was so beautiful. Very simple and fresh. There was a fitted mosquito net (more needed sometimes of the year then pretty) and white sheets. There is no way that you are going to be able to keep sand out of your bed with a sand floor but who cares.

The view of the beach was awesome. They had a slight block in the view from the message cabana but that was fine. The Beach in front of the hotel is beautiful. It is very clean and soft. There are some areas of the beach that are more rocky and not as cleared but this spot was perfect. There were little palapas with lounge chars set around the jungle walk to their restroom was also stunning.
I think that there are rooms that have their own bathroom but this was the least expenive room and it was perfect. There was a very cute little pool area and everyone was very nice.

To one side the beach becomes more rock and hill so that is not the best "walk on the beach" direction. It also gets dark at night so you need to be careful and I would bring a flash light. But the whole area around the hotel was magical.

This reminds me... please do not come to Tulum, stay in an eco chic resort and throw trash and ciggerets on the beach. I saw some people do this and it pissed me off. Even my 4 year old ran after them saying to, "you forgot your garbage." He sould not for a minute

My friends also ate at the restaurant one night and said it was good. They would have walked a little more that night but it was pretty dark.

My friend Alex went camera happy. He was snapping pictures of everything. Perfect by me though. It is good to have them for the blog. Plus I forget a little sometimes just how breathtaking it is here.


On Mexican Time said...

Very cool pics - I must admit, I really have to get "out there" more often! See what is just around the corner in our own little paradise!!!!

I don't know if I could handle a sand floor though!!!! Still VERY cool!!!

Lori said...


Anonymous said...

The beach look lovely but the model looks GREAT!

Erica Marie said...

Wondering if you have any other suggestions for lodging in Tulum, beach access, cheap and all tghat good stuff

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