Fun festival in town

Tonight Ruben's restaurant was closed so we got to take the kids into town for the festival that is going on. I am not sure what this one is for but... we had a great time. One thing we have learned about Mexico is the understanding of "Mexico time" Now- I knew a lot of this already having a Mexican husband that has not been on time for anything in his life (even an hour late to our wedding- his whole family) But that is just more normal here. You NEVER show up to a wedding on time or you will sit there by your selves for at least an hour or 2.

With all of the fun festivals and carnivals and what not they are a lot of fun to go to but I am more of a at home person at night- when I have the kids. But this night we waited until 7 or 8 and started to head into town.

Now for all of the people that are googling ... Is Tulum safe, Safety in the Mayan Rivera etc. Yes we walked with a 4 year old and 5 year old at night to town (about 20 min walk) on unlit roads and back home without a fear in the world. This town is very safe. I walk all over with the kids and any hour of the day or night and never feel a concern. Just making sure to use common sense.

Anyway... So we walked all over the festival. It is so much fun to see all of the stuff for sale. It is like an entire store unfolds on the streets. This is the place to buy anything and everything that you need for your home or family. Some way cheap and some very nice. There was the household wing, the cloths wing, the toys wing and the food area.

I especially loved the large display of huge knives piled high in brightly colored baskets right at thigh level. Not the smartest idea around a bunch of kids. And these are the places that your kids are running around going crazy- filled with sugar.

We grabbed one of our favorite carnival foods, corn on the cob with mayo and cotija cheese (sort of like a dried Parmesan) We would have put chili on it too but we were sharing with the kids. I am not the biggest fan of mayo but it is a good snack.

the kids played in the courtyard where the band was setting up to play. For a minute I thought that we would be able to see the music but the I remembered... we are in Mexico- the music was not going to start until 11:30. I have kids that are almost catatonic after 9:30. Even that is way late for them. The kids had a great time running around and playing tag.

Akilean and another little boy were playing with cars. Akilean's all time favorite activity. Some day I want to get him a remote control car. he would love that.

After a little while we grabbed the kids and started to head home. We let each of the kids pick out a 20 peso toy. Akilean obviously got a little car and Lena got a hair clip. As is typical with Mexican carnival toys... they both broke by the next morning. Oh well. We had a great time.


Paula said...

Sounds likeb youb guys had a great time! What fun!
love you

Lori said...

wow!! So much fun! I'm glad that you blog about your adventures.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Sounds like the kinds of evenings we enjoy in MX! Love watching the kids ...

chicco safety said...

You really had fun with that festival!

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