The taranchala and the tomatoes

Well, we are going about our lives as normal here. I was looking at my pictures from the past few days and thinking about what I want to write about for my blog post. It was really nice beacuse while nothing really has happened it has been really nice. We have been hanging out at home, cooking, I have been baking a bunch. It has been nice. Hot and nothing new. I love it.

Well, the first new thing is that Ruben got to go fishing. This is an activity that I really want to encourage. First of all... it is a boy activity that happens during the day and does not involve sitting on your ass drinking beer all night. This way... there is actual energy and life in the day. Second... and much more important, there are really big, really good fish here to catch and eat. We live in a place that is known for its amazing seafood and now my husband has been given the starting skills to be a fisherman.

From what I have heard I will hate this pretty soon. But for now. I am really excited for Ruben. And these guys really fish. No huge boat nice equipment... the have their masks and ge to go to some of the most beautiful spots the world and look for huge yummy fish to bring home and cook. YEAH!!!!

They did really well. They caught some good stuff. I cannot wait for him to go again. I said that I wanted to go and they made it clear that we would hate it. I have no doubt... but maybe a good snorkling trip.

Anyway. The kids have been wonderful. Akilean jumped into Ruben's fishing stuff and looked just way too cute. Akilean loves the cherry tomates at the store and eats them like candy. I have no problem with that.

I found my first taranchela at my house. It was not inside but it was at my back doorway where I do my dishes. It was a little baby. I am not a fan... of any of them. But I have come to know that I am way out numbered.


Leslie Limon said...

Who gets to clean the fish? I used to love going fishing with my mom when I was little, but I couldn't stand watching her clean them.

It's always nice when the hubbies find something to do, that isn't sitting on their bums drinking beer! They're always so happy when they come home.

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

So what does one do with an extremely large spider??? Cant really squish it... that would be just gross!

Chrissy y Keith said...

what is the little creature in your post? The spider is lovely and will not harm you unless they are realy provocted. Fishing. I take it they are spear fishing, not rod and reel? I enjoy both so you should go some time if invited. But for now it sounds like a boy thing.

Paula said...

Glad that Rubeun went fishing, that would be great if he could bring home a fresh catch for you to cook (but for him to clean) as far as the spider, I agree with you..yuk! Hope you have fun with you girlfriend who is coming to visit today
love you Mom

Mel said...

Okay, I think I would freak out of I saw a taranchula...even if they are common down there...yikes! Good luck with that :)

On Mexican Time said...

OMG - I don't know what I'd do if I saw a taranchela!!! I pray that I will never, ever, ever find one lurking around our place!!! I saw a scorpian once, and boy oh boy was I happy to stay clear of that and call hubby over!

Michele in Playa said...

That adorable creature is a coartimundi and I have one the same size sitting on my lap right now. He is the latest addition to the Kinnon zoo!

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