Okay, walmart in the USA is where people go to find a crazy good deal. You know that you are not getting the best quality and that a 4 year old probably made it, but, with the economy the way it is- people are hunting to save every penny. Well, we are no exception. We took the collectivo to Playa del Carmen the other day to pick up something that Ruben needed. Well, while we were there we picked up a few little things that we needed. Now, many things in Mexico, at least in the Rivera Maya, costs the same as it does in the states. Okay fine. But More????? why are all electronics and toys almost 2 times as expensive? We let each of the kids pick out one toy for an early Christmas gift. They have almost nothing and they never complain. So we really wanted to get them something. Well, as we were leaving Ruben had a puzzled look on his face and stopped at the door for a moment. He could not figure out why our stuff cost so much. He looked over the receipt and almost passed out when he saw that Akilean's "Cars" toy (literally 3 2" cars from the Disney movie and the MAC truck that they can ride in) - something that would have cost us maybe $15 in the US- even at a big store- not the Ross bargain shopping but at Toys R Us. This was 400 pesos. I about fell over. $40 for a damn toy. And not a toy worth $40. And Lena got a barbie like doll. That in the USA would cost $15-18 but here... 288 pesos. That is CRAZY!!!! I was pissed - I really wanted to take the toys back and get something else. 1 look at the kids and I knew I could not do that to them. They did deserve these toys. They have no friends, no toys, no bed, no furniture, all of their movies are scratched and they do not complain. For Lena's b-day we simply gave her a 50 peso little almost token of a gift and she was so grateful and happy and kept saying thank you to us and ran over and showed Akilean. But I will NEVER shop at Walmart again. I could not believe it. I would much rather go to one of the Mexican chain stores and pay a real price. Anyway. Had to vent.


JJ said...

Oh that sucks. If you want a new camera, I suggest strongly that you either have your mom go pick it up in the EU before she comes down or you order it online and have it shipped to her to bring down. Electronics are crazy expensive down there. I didn't know about the toys, the only toy I ever bought there was a Mr. Potato Head (Señor Papa...) for a toy drive, and it was cheap. What a huge bummer. If you can avoid it, skip the Mexican Walmarts and go Chedraui or even Comerical Mexicana. Hang in there, Chica, as you know, it's all in the attitude - hard when money is so important - but if anyone can do it, it's you.

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