The difference a year makes

Okay...this will be short blog entry but I just have to say... to any of my friends with kids close in age.... There is soooo much difference between the kids with even a year apart. My kids are almost as close as you can get without being twins... yet, tonight, my kids for whatever reason, wanted to sleep in my bed... okay.... when I went to move them I was struck. My little girl is not a little girl anymore but not yet a young little lady. Compared to my boy... she is a ...??? Maybe as a mom I am entering uncharted territory.... but she is huge. She is so articulate. she has opinions, and thought and wishes and dreams. Much more so then my almost 4 year old son. She is such... I don't know the term. Maybe there is none. But my little girl is turning before my eyes. It is so special. Having my daughter has opened my eyes to the relationship that I had as a child with my own mother. You view it with different eyes as a kid. When you are a mom and a mother of child that age things are so different. Even when I talk to friends who have kids...although not her age, they understand but are not there yet. I just realized how I am embarking on that ... I do not know the term... prepubescent seems way too soon. Maybe that is my own ignorance or denial. But my little girl is growing.

One thing I am very proud of... as a cancer survivor, and one of a very young age, it has been very important to teach the kids about the risk of cancer. I was lucky I was taught to look out. Had I not, Ruben I would have learned of my lump about 5 years later then I had. It would have been a very different fight. I found it, I beat it and I am fine. But I was lucky. Lena is being taught that it is a very serious risk for her and something that she needs to be aware of from a young age.

Even now people laugh at me for having Akiean's hair so long, and Lena's too but that is not as strange. But they are donating their hair to Locks for Love. This is an organization that makes hair pieces for kids with illnesses that cause them to loose their hair. Anyone who knew me in college might remember my fight with this. I won because I was educated. I cannot believe that my little girl is so young and yet she is having to address this. But here we are.

My message is this... check. check yourselves, check your family and check your men. I was so lucky to know that this was in my family and therefore was prepared. And it can happen to men and even more so.. it can happen to boys... my little girl who should not have to worry about anything... is learning about cancer. Because, she will very possibly have to deal with it. I did... she might, he might. Be prepared. Be educated. And be ready and you will be fine.

Okay... so maybe that was not a short entry.


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