Great Christmas- Bad Homecoming

Well, first let me just say that I have been so happy to have Mom and Neal here for the week. It was great to just sit back with them and relax and really not do much at all. We hung out, ate, cooked, played with the kids. We had a great Christmas with them staying at their resort which was very cool. The kids woke up- well, more accurately they were woken up by a giddy and supper excited Grandpa. Once we let them into the room we set their presents in, they played in the outdoor jacuzzi while we ordered food and just hung out. Ruben had to work a lot but hey... what are you going to do. Here are a bunch of really cute pics.

Now for the bad news. When I got home Ruben told me that he had not seen Calvin (my 11 year old Tabby cat) anywhere in the house. Now, it has been 2 almost 3 days and there is no sign of her. Some of my neighbors are like..."yeah, don't worry- cat's like to rome, she probably chased a bird up a tree or something." Not this cat- This cat is well over 20 lbs and 11 years old. She has a hard time getting into the bed let alone up a tree. I am trying not to get ahead of myself but it is getting really hard. I went through some serious work to get this cat down here from the states and she really means a lot to me. I am sure she is fine but I just want her home.


RiverGirl said...

Mindy - I really hope your kitty comes home soon. I hope you are out calling her name in the 'hood. She may be hiding somewhere.

paulaj43 said...

Honey, my hope is that Calvin will come home very soon, I know how much you love that cat. love you so dearly

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Thanks for the support. We walked the streets looking for her. And I left a shirt that smeld like me in the front yard. We will see. Thanks for the support.

CancunCanuck said...

Oh, I just want to cry reading about Calvin, I sure hope he makes his way home ok. Precious baby, cats are family too. :(

Glad you had a nice Christmas with family though, hold on to that feeling throughout the year!

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