Lots of sleep- but no power

Well, the past 2 nights have been filled with many hours of sleep. Each of the past 2 nights have been a 10 hour event. This is a very welcome change as the kids are typically up very early. Last night- more like 4:00 this morning... there was a sudden storm (I think they are called Nortes) came through town. It brought rain that was so powerful it sounded like hail. Not that it could get cold enough here to actually be hail but it sounded like from the bed... then suddenly... a HUGE crash. It sounded like thunder that was literally on top of the house. We all just fell back asleep. When we all got out of bed at 10:00 a.m. rather then the typical 7:00 - we noticed that the light in the fridge was fading. that is strange we thought, it is a new fridge so the light should not be burnt already. And then we realized that everything was fading. the computer turned off, the coffee would not brew... our house is possessed. Now I have been warned that sometimes the water will not flow, or that things that you feel entitled to back home just do not work. And that is just the way that it is. So we sort of just waited to see what the deal was. The answer came shortly. That crash we heard was not thunder, but a transformer blowing up. Fun stuff. But, even though it is Sunday, they are working on it. If it was not the power- they probably would have left it until Monday. But here we are, power flowing to the house. :)

On a much happier note... 147 hours till Mom and Neal get to Mexico!!!!


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