Missing the snow

I must say that it is hard to imagine a Christmas in 80 degree weather. back home everyone is dealing with snow and wind and as one of my best friends, Josh, put it... "great snuggling weather" Ruben and I have had some days here that were so hot and humid (even in December when it was like..."oh, honey I love you but please do not touch me. It is too hot." Oh well. At least it is nice weather. I bet people back home wish they had a little 85 degree day. Oh well. We are getting very close to Mom and Neal coming and then right after that Barb and Shannon will be here.

You know I just realized something... Ruben may never see his parents again. He will be out of the United States for the next 20 years. Unless there is some miracle. It sort of makes me angry that here is my husband and his family that would do just about anything to see each other and that is an option that does not exist. And then there are members of my family that have well beyond the means to visit and they do not. I guess that says more about me then anything. And one thing I do not get is how worried people can claim to be and yet show absolutely no interest or effort in having knowledge about the situation. I mean. It is not like a daily account is not here in my blog. That seems strange to me. Or that they do not seem to pay attention to the things that are going on. Oh well.

I guess everyone's lives are busy.


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