Momma & Neal are here

I do not think, since the moment I landed in Cancun and saw Ruben that I have been this happy. My mother and my step father are here. Their airplane was very late and it looked like I was not going to be able to see them until the next day. I had taken a shower (with hot water no less) and come to terms with the idea that I was going to have to wait till morning. In order to control my anxiety I had to do something. I chose to make tamales. This although the meat and salsa were KILLER!!!!! My masa was not great. Oh well. I was at the point of burning ,y banana leaves and stuffing the meat when I get a call from a Cancun number. Now, I almost did not take the call thinking it was my landlord... but I did... it was the driver trying t find my house. He had been asking the whole neighborhood.... "donda esta the casa de whieta con dos ninos." Even though not spelt right, they all pointed in my general direction. I was so surprised to see them. I cannot explain my happines. My momma, my Neal. here, at my house in Villas Tulum. I wanted to blog last night but my hands were shaking. Today... usually in the am I wake up and turn on my computer so I can talk to my mom via IM. But today... I woke up , grabbed my book and had coffee. In my backyard that was cleaner and neater then it had EVER been. !!! Mom and Neal came over and we did nothing. Just ate and talked and hung out and ate tamales, and tacos, and read books with the kids. Everything was perfect. I had all of these plans to show them so much and do so much. And it was perfect. We did nothing. We just hung out and talked and ate and played with the kids. It was so amazing. Over the many hours, our conversation went over every subject you could think of. It was perfect.

One thing Ruben and I noticed... there is almost no one, esp. in my family that we could have sat and been that comfortable with... that accepted by. They love us, we love them,,, and all of that was there. In moments that were filled with nothing, but my little house, my kids, good food, and love. It was amazing. I cannot wait to see them in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Hurray a REAL LIFE hug from mom matter the age isn't that PRICELESS! Good for U and family

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I become 5 years old again everytime I see my Mom. I love it.

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