What I would not give for a Costco trip.

Remember when you were in college and your parents would come and visit and take you to the store and buy groceries? The feeling of having the things that you need on hand and available to you.... ahhhh that would be nice.

I need so many little things. Hair ties, cat sand, coffee, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. Enough cereal that our family of 5 does not go through in 2 days. And I have 2 Mexican men and 1 growing boy who eat soooooooo much! I always plan to have a little extra of what ever I make for lunches the next day. It never happens. I keep being told that it is my fault... that the food is too good to stop eating. Well thank you... but I can change that.

I first wish that I had a car. If I had a car everything would be different. But since I do not I just sit here and dream of a Costco trip!


Leslie Limon said...

So very true! One of my recurring dreams is shopping in a "real" grocery store. Everything I need under one roof. Sounds heavenly!

Refried Dreamer said...

Awwww.. bummer. My parents just left and felt the need to stock us up before they left. The poor little daughter and her family living in Mexico certainly need 6 cases of Sensodyne toothpaste...

and you know what?


(thank you mom <3 )

Anyone around you have a car? Maybe a car pool trip and split the gas?!? Good luck to you!

Leslie, do you ever come up to GDL? They just built a second Costco! Think Christmas!!!

CancunCanuck said...

Is there a Costco in Playa or is Cancun the only one in the state? We must find a way to get you stocked up!!

Maybe a trip to the tianguis to buy a car too? It's just around the corner from Costco..... ;-)

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Oh my god, I have so been there! I was living in Puerto vallarta, My everything was pretty good when we had money. Then my father in law died, my husband got depressed, the truck broke down, the computer died, the digital camera broke, we had no money for xmas, we luckily had a credit at the corner store, but we were so sosososo broke, barely eating, but we made it through, gotta have faith it is so hard but gotta keep the faith, believe me I really do know what you are going through, atleast the broke side and the no money for health issues. It is way harder then you can even ever really articulate in a blog.

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