New kitties.

Well, We got adopted. This is sort of common around here. You have to be careful because you could end up with so many more animals then you intended.

On the first day of school, just outside the front door was the cutest little grey kitten. He was clearly scared so we brought him into the house and even though he the tiniest kitty I have ever seen (especially after being so used to Calvin) but he just devoured the cat food.

While the kids were in the bedroom with the little kitty my neighbor asked me if this was my kitten that she was holding in her hands. I was a little confused because I thought he was in the room with the kids. Well, I was right. This was an entirely different kitten. She too was tiny and scared.

After getting all of the tiny kittens into the house and fed and given water. The kids immediately called out which cat was theirs and started to pick names.

They wanted to name them both Hobbs but since he died we thought that it might be better to give them their own names. Lena named her kitten Princess and Akilean named his Lightning McQueen. It was at this point that we checked to see who was a boy and a girl.

We got very lucky. Lightning McQueen is a boy and Princess is a girl. Calvin is not a huge fan. She leaves for most of the day and then comes back in at night. I think she is glad that their are 2 of them and they play with each other instead of bothering her.


Leslie Limon said...

How cute! My kids want to adopt every animal in sight!

Paula said...

Very cute pics..i can see why the kids feel in love with them
love you

Steve Cotton said...

I ha almost forgotten te joy of being a kid and getting a new pet. Nice post.

CancunCanuck said...

Yay for new kitties! They're very lucky little bundles of fur. :)

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