I miss him

Okay, so here I am at the point were my life is going to get very uncomfortable. I have just sold My kitchen table. The strange thing about that was that - my brothers Craig and Ryan (Kevin is of getting ready for deployment) were there and up came this woman- (with her perfectly cut hair and her husband with his perfectly prepared hair) They were very nice- but they came to take the table and I do not know but something inside me was I do not know..... gurgling if you will. My brother Ryan made a funny comment ( he usually makes this is:)) He told them that he spent many a night getting his ass chewed around that table. I guess that kind of went for all of us. Well, tonight at the barn was really special. All of my brothers, Justin and Marcelino were there and it was fun. I guess how you look at things is how you will see it. You know. I have noticed that that is true. When I am scared or nervous or unsure about this situation - it always gets worse when I think and dwell on it. But when I sit back and let life happen. I really think that I will be okay. I mean, that is how we found each other in the first place. we just fell into each other. and once we had each other in our sites.... there was no where to go. Even now, just closing my eyes and thinking about lying in his arms... I could let go of every worry i had in the world, just klinging to that moment in my mind.

You know what, I am so luck to even be able to sit back and write about feeling something as special as I have felt with him. it is so strange, sitting here by myself, in the home I have with the man I love, I can truly feel him. ...

And I really miss him


Lori said...


Como estas? I've been thinking about you a lot. I hope that you are doing well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We need to see new pictures.

Cuidate mucho!!

Con Amor, Lori

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