Craigslist, Ahhhh, craigslist!!!

Okay, so I have spent the entire day bringing most of my to sell items out of the pits of storage to prepare to torture my friends and family into helping me organize for a garage sale. But today- I took pictures of almost ALL of my big ticket items and spent the whole day !!! I am not exaggerating... the whole day (minus taking and getting kids at school- ALL day!) But I think that I finally have the better part of them up there. and the best part is- it has only been a few hours and I am getting a great response. I cannot wait to get most of this stuff out of here. I am at the point where we are going to be leaving so soon that we are going to be eating off the floor if the kitchen table gets sold and on paper plates if the dishes get sold. but oh, I hope they do. I only have a 2 weeks to try to get all of this stuff done. Well, I am off to answer the craigslist adds.


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