"Is this the face that launched 1000 ships and burnt the topless towers of Ilium?"

"Is this the face that launched 1000 ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ilium? Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss." Christopher Marlow

1 story that Elena just loves is the story of 1 of her namesakes, Helen of Troy. How she was the most beautiful women in the world and she was taken away by the handsome young prince of Troy. Taken across the Aegean Sea from Sparta to live in a new land with her love, Paris. It was this abduction that lead to the Trojan War. As written by one of the best playwrights of all time, Christopher Marlow; "Is this the face that launched 1000 ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ilium? Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss."  Once in Troy- the fleet of soldiers that came to take Helen home included 1 other Rosas namesake- Achilles.  Obviously the influence behind our son's name Akilean.  The strongest and bravest man of his time Achilles and Helen would be forever entangled in this history and forever in my family.

Lena loves this story.  She knows how to say it in both Spanish and English and loves to tell it. How she is named after the most beautiful woman in the world, some would say Aphrodite herself... the daughter of Zeus.  And how Akilean was named after the bravest and strongest soldier. 

When Kennedy Elena was born, she was the most beautiful little girl to grace the earth.  I knew that there was only 1 name for her.  Well, after Kennedy, a name that I had picked out many many years before and my husband had absolutely NO say in. Elena, based on the Greek name of Helen was perfect. 

My little girl is about to be 7 years old.  She has grown far past the days of being a little girl and is now growing in to.... dare I say it??? A woman.  Okay- well not quite.  Which is good because I am not mentally or physically in shape for that event. 
She has grown so much into a caring beautiful kind and creative little girl.  I would love to take credit for all of her amazingness but her gift comes from within her and I am simply a spectator.  But as I sit and watch her grow right in front of my eyes, I am filled with a huge peace knowing that she is amazing.  From inside she has a gift of caring for others and compassion.  She is creative and intuitive.  She is giving and selfless.

Lena- "may the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face.  And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars."  I love you my precious Helen of Troy.  You are my Aphrodite


Gloria said...

What a beautiful post and beautiful daughter. Yes enjoy this childhood because it goes by too darn fast. Thanks for sharing.

Paula said...

Grest pics and great post.....I feel the same way about my dsughter...love you so much honey..Mom

Kristan said...

How sweet! Having children is such a miracle! Muchas felicidades para toda la familia!

Steve Cotton said...

She is certainly entitled to the name.

Alejandra said...

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