But how will people know when to leave?

Lena and I are planning her 7th birthday party together and I have to say she is the most easy going -- chilled out birthday girl ever.  First- No Pinata.  Lena said  she does not like how everyone pushes and runs and then a lot of kids are sad.  She then said..."okay we can do the pinata but afterwards- everyone puts the candy altogether and we sit in a circle."  I told her that I did not think that her friends would like that very much after running in for the candy.  She then said "okay- no pinata. I can make everyone a present."  

Hey works for me.  Akilean is notorious for freaking out during a pinata.  It has taken him a long time to figure the whole thing out and not get upset that people are pushing.   So I must say- this is a good start.  We can make little bags for everyone leading up to the party- Boys get a little boy bag and girls little girl bags. The only thing that came to my mind is - how will people know that it is time to go.  The pinata is the quintessential end to a party and signal- unless you have beer- it is time to go home.

Well, that problem was solved when we decided that we are not going to have the party at our house.  We are going to have it in the park near our house.  The city has been totally renovating the old park and it is really nice.  What used to be a totally useless pit of rocks and trash is not a beautifully paved plaza with nice planters along the edges.  They are even putting in a new floor under the play ground equipment.  It used to be a death trap of jagged rocks under the swing and soon it will be the perfect setting for our birthday party. 

We have friends that live next to the park so we can use their bathroom. And that makes the whole get the house ready so much easier.  Plus the food- here is where Lena really shines.  As if the pinata - or lack of one was not enough... the menu!!! rather then doing a nice meal like I would normally do- somehow trying to impress the other parents with my cooking and how I get every kid to eat veggies- yeah- not happening this year. 
Lena wants sandwiches- you know what?  That is what she is going to get.  We are doing simple sandwiches, chips and juice.  Give them what they want.  Plus not more the a week later I am going to make Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of my friends.  And I would much rather impress those guys with my cooking then the neighborhood kids.  So the party plans are on route for next weekend.  It is going to be great.

I finally found the earrings that I wanted to get Lena.  I have been looking and looking and it was not easy to find.  Most of the earrings here are pretty big and the smaller ones are not very pretty or nice looking.  Well, I finally found these beautiful purple amethyst little tear drop stones.  They are perfect for a sweet little girl like her and I know that she is going to love them.    The other gift we are giving her is her own Sushi kit. - Making and eating.  I have these cool sushi dishes for 2 and we are giving her a sushi cookbook and all the things you need to make sushi.  Sushi is her all time favorite food so I think that she will like it. 

I cannot believe that my little lady is almost 7.  My my- time goes so fast.  And this time of year it seems to simply soar at light speed.  From October 5- Feb 14 there is something almost weekly between birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other friends birthday's. Ruben's family  has 6 birthday s in the first 2 weeks of November. 

Way too much to keep track of.  It seems like just yesterday.  CRAZY!!!!


Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

It sounds like your little Lena will have a wonderful party...pics, please! Also, I like your garden post. The yard looks great. I don't think I've ever seen a papaya plant. I hope you get to enjoy the fruit.

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