my new office

Okay- that is better. I guess this is a good time to mention my new purple office. Working from home has been a real challange for me and so I have beet trying to set up my own spaces where I can go and work. And there are so many times it is cooler outside in the shade then inside so... I wanted an outdoor "office." I had a friend that gave me some purple paint and it is perfect. Here is a picture before and picture after the paint fest...

It is a really great little spot to work. My basil sits on the side and when the wall is warm it heats the basil and it smells so good. I am working on getting the area even more set up. I am going to put a sheet uptop to block the sun a bit more. Anyone who lives here knows that you only have a certain amount of time before the sun eats away the elastic on your sheets and I am constatly coming up with new ways to use them.

I also painted one wall behind my kitchen table. It looks really good. I will admit- nothing is safe. Now I want to piant the front of the house. It needs to be done and my landlord said that she would do it. I am just going to see if she will pay for the paint and we can do it and if she does not like it -we can paint it when we leave?!?! I think she will be cool with that. There are a few houses around here that are vibrantly painted and they stand out beautifully against the other drab white houses that are dirty from the rain storms.

I am going to go get a the same vibrant purple color. You may think I am crazy but this is one of the best parts of living in Mexico. The color and vibrance here is amazing. I am off- i cannot wait anymore. I will post pictures.


Paula said...

looks great..can't wait to see the pics of the front of the house!
love you

Amanda said...

I love the way you decorated with the tree branch and candles. I always love this type of look but never think to do it in my house.

A Wonderful Life! said...

Wow you made that a great space.

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