Everyone is in the Christmas spirit

I do not know what it was about the yesterday and the day before but all of a sudden- everyone in my neighborhood starting putting out their Christmas decorations. Last year I did not see many houses with lights- maybe 3 at most. But this year there seem to be many more people getting in the Christmas spirit. Uh Oh- It i raining in my new outdoor office... I better go inside.

Okay. now that is better. There have been some really strong rain storms coming in. Yesterday my little house just could not keep the power on. It was a very quiet morning.

Anyway... My whole little neighborhood has gotten really lit up lately and i love it. There are not the extravagant light displays like up in the states but that is not that surprising because electricity here is unbelievably crazy expensive. SOLAR AND WIND POWER!!!!! Lots of houses have a lit up tree or some along their house. It is really nice.

In our house it does not look like it used to in the states. Man I cannot wait to get my Christmas stuff down here. But the whole house does look very cute. The purple walls help a lot. But our tree is what really does it. We do not have many ornaments that made it from last years "shatterproof" purchase so we made a bunch.

I asked the kids to each pick out 1 color paper to make the ring chains- they - as expected picked pink and blue- so a pink and blue chain is what we have. I also grabbed some red and green and walla....

A homemade tree- complete with blue and gold glitter and green sequins. It actually turned out much better then I thought it would. It looks really cute. Some of Lena's older friends were over and they were writing our names and Santa and stuff- it was really cute.

So here we are with our cute little homemade Christmas tree.

Then we decided to make Christmas cookies. I found a great recipie and remembered my mistakes from last time - they were WAY too thin last time and got burnt.

The lesson I learned from last time is also that if you make the cookies from scratch- you want nothing


On Mexican Time said...

The tree looks great!

Leslie Limon said...

Awww, what a cute tree! I'm all for homemade decorations!:D

Mama of 4 said...

Love your home made tree!

Bob Mrotek said...

Wow! Did you ever bring back a memory! Those paper chains made me want to break out the construction paper, scissors, and paste. I can even smell the paste that we used as kids that came in those little containers along with a little wooden stick that we used to spread it with. Oh, and don't forget the glitter...and don't spill it on the floor or get paste on your clothes and for goodness sake don't eat it either or Ma will be upset. Bwaaaa...I wanna go back!

Amanda said...

I love it. It looks like Christmas to me, especially when you have the kids sitting around making stuff.

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