oh by the way... you're not doing anything right.

This shit drives me CRAZY!!!!! Okay, now all of us living here south of the border know that things are done ENTORELY differently then they are back home. It usually takes more then 2 trips to get anything- and this is true even if you speak Spanish and have done this activity before. There is going to be some totally useless form to fill out that was almost exactly like the last one. And that we will most likely need a copy of something- some random piece of paper. We know that if you get upset and annoyed with someone and ask indignantly ask to speak to their supervisor that you have just majorly hurt your cause- kill them with kindness flies further here. And we know that on any given day on any given time the place we need to go will be closed for no logical reason or explanation.

Okay... I get that... I am okay with that... it gives me (and all of us) good material for our blogs but.... ooooooo... this..... just drives me crazy!!! Even though I was warned by my friend in Oxkutzcab of this very phenomenon but still...

The schools here just expect that no mother works. And I am sorry but here in this town a lot of women work. I see them all over the place. I work- granted from home but I still cherish these 2.5 hours when I can work and my kinds are at school. I mean seriously. So I have a friend that takes Lena to school in the mornings which is wonderful. Today she comes to my door- barely beating me out of the house to head to an interview that I have and tells me that the teacher says that we need to bring a copy of her Immunization record to school- TODAY - BY 10:00.

First of all- I know that I am a lot more organized then your average bear. I have always loved to organize and coordinate. (something Lena has picked up as well- she likes all of her shoes in order of color and size and placed neatly in a row. It is really cute- but I digress) I do not have this piece of paper sitting next to my computer.

And further more... are you really expecting that we mothers have nothing else to do? I mean, I know that there are the mothers that stand at the door to the school at 10:00 and bring their kids lunch. Well guess what. I am not that mom. I have a hard enough time walking back and forth from the house and the kids school - which are not near each other just to drop them off and pick them up.

It just ahhh- okay- telling me the day before that there is no school tomorrow- annoying- but reality. Telling me oh by the way- school ends at 10:00 today - or that I have to stay for a meeting and that it is mandatory? I guess it is a really good thing that I have nothing else to do.

I do not mind the day before thing. This is a small town. There is no real way for everyone to communicate with each other. Very few people have a home phone and even less have internet. There are cell phones around but not everyone has them and they are Crazy expensive. So I get it... put a sign out front to tell the parents what is going on - fine.

But the day of? Have a little respect for peoples time. Some of us juggle more then a few balls and throwing a loop like this. So now I have to decide. Do I miss my interview that I have lined up for my business? or do I take in the paper tomorrow?

Obviously I am hoping for both but... This is not that big of a deal and I am not really as upset as I probably sound- it is just so annoying.


Leslie Limon said...

I used to worry about this all the time. Those last-minute "mandatory" meetings drove me nuts, because I liked to finish all of my housework in the mornings, so I could go teach my classes in the afternoon. With Hope, I attended each and every meeting. But I have since learned my lesson. Not all moms attend those meeting, whether they work outside the home or not. They'll stop by sometime during the week to ask the teacher what the meeting was about. When the teachers ask for a certain document, the moms usually just send a copy with their children, or take it later in the week.

I for one, would love it if the schools would give us atleast one day's notice, especially since I now have 4 kids in 3 different schools. Actually, the elementary school has gotten much better at that. The principal has the teachers schedule the meetings during a one-week period and they post the schedule the week prior! :)

Hope you get things figured out!

Paula said...

Wow....sounds like things can get crazy! You are so funny! and you will get it figured out, remember, there are very few things that can't be worked around....one being labor pains....the rest can be rescheduled or csn wait...keep that pretty smile working for you.
Love you]

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Dude I'm guessing they don't expect for it to ACTUALLY come that day by 10a.m. You know how the time scale works here, use it to your advantage! :) Get it to her about wendsday next week and you'll be right on time with the rest of the moms! :P

Refried Dreamer said...

oh yeah... and while you bring the immunization card, also bring 15 bottlecaps, two buckets of paint, magitel, and uh... something to hang "it" with.

Cheers to a Mexican education.

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