My 30th Birthday!!!

Well today is my 30th birthday. Yesterday we celebrated the closing of my 20s and it was amazing. First my daughter drew me a card and we are depicted by the dark brown crayon. I thought that was funny. Our tans must be getting really good. Then Ruben made me a margaritta- my all time favorite drink in the world- especially when made by my very talented husband. We enjoyed the day and just relaxed at home. I talked to my momma and of course she was crying. I used to think my mom was a little crazy with all of her little crying jags -- but now that I am a mom I totally get them. I start crying for happiness frequently now. She was telling me how proud she was of me and how we are such good friends (which is totally true) and she was telling me some stories from my birth. How I was supposed to be a boy and that everything in my room was origianlly green and yellow and she refused to come home from the hospitol until EVERYTHING was pink. And that lasted for a lot of years- lots of pink and lots of flowers. It was really nice to talk to her. I love her so much.

Later in the afternoon Ruben and I got all dressed up to go salsa dancing. Salsa dancing is one of my favorite things to do with Ruben. We are not really really good but we have a good time and we are willing to look a little stupid till we can look good. It was really nice. Here is a little video but it is hard to see.

The last full moon of my 20s rose over the Caribbean Sea and it was beautiful. We had a really good time. My good friend Margo was there and it is always fun to hang out with her. Ruben and I headed home and went to sleep ready to start the next day. My friend Crystal sent me a text at midnight - it is custom here Mexico to celebrate at midnight of a birthday. so that was fun.

Today we are going to go have brekfast and then go to my friends house out in the jungle. It was very sweet- Ruben called all of my friends to tell them to come out to the jungle and my friend Olmo spent his whole Sunday cleaning his pool for the party. It is going to be a great day.

I am real excited about today and the rest of this year- well this decade really. I know I am going to be one of those women who looks better in her 30s then in my 20s.


Refried Dreamer said...

Happy Birthday Momma! Glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday! Haha... dark brown crayons!?! I'm jealous... we're still peach-cicles... that's so awesome that you guys went out dancing and had a blast with your family and friends. What could be better than that?!?

Cheers to the next year!

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

You're mom is totally the best! :)


Steve Cotton said...

Let me add my congratulations. You are now officially half my age -- as if the world is measured by Steve's standard weights and measures. Even with the frustrations, it is a great life.

Amanda said...

So glad you had such a great couple days.

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