I must say that I am surprised about how much resistance I get about my move to Mexico. I mean I am moving to a place that people wait and save for years to go visit. My friends that live there LOVE it. I mean first of all - it is a wonderful country full of amazing people and culture. Is it the USA?- no--- Are the financial concerns fair--- yes. But the things that people focus on is so different. The things that are important to people are different. I mean- it is not like I cannot come back. I want to at least try it. I have a very good and dear friend who lives there - near the same area that we want to move. And she loves it. She does not have everything in the world- but even better- she does not want it. Her life is simpler and she is happier. And she made the comment to me recently that things seem to fall into place the less she focuses on making that way. On a regular Sunday afternoon- she can go hiking around the Mayan ruins-
and go swimming in the local cenotes. The city that we are moving to is Tulum. It is considered to be a pretty local town compared to is near by bigger cities of Playa del carmen (the latest resort area) and Cancun- which is a very diverse place to live. Tulum also has some great ruins.

"The ruins of Tulum (Mayan for 'fortress') are remarkably well-preserved -- built in 967 C.E., the temples on the site have survived almost entirely without upkeep. This was a small Mayan city; at its height only about a thousand people lived here, as opposed to 40,000 at a midsize city like Tikal. But it's the most popular Mayan ruins site, with almost two million visitors a year -- probably because it's the only Mayan city to be built on the ocean. The Mayans didn't sail; they only found out about boats after being conquered by the Aztecs." - I am sorry I am not sure what web site I found this infor from!
Here are some pics of the city...

I mean who would not want to be here...

Not to mention the cenotes. Here is a great Blog about where we are moving- http://www.yucatantoday.com/destinations/eng-cenotes.htm. Check out some of these cenotes

"Cenotes are created by an underground river system and are fresh water sink holes that the Maya considered to be sacred. In addition they were an incredibly important resource as a fresh water source, and the Mayans also believed they were the entrance to the underworld.

Cenote, (say-NOH-tay) called dzonot (ZO-note) by the ancient Maya were defined by the Motul dictionary, a dictionary of Mayan hieroglyphics, as "abysmal and deep" or "hole filled with water" - from playamayannews.com

You can swim- snorkel- and actually scuba dive in the earth- from cenote to cenote. Ruben and I have a plan to start a little bed and breakfast style hotel. That is the plan. We will see what happens. But I am excited to at least try it. The people who have lived there or even just tried living there are so excited for us. It is the people who have never been to the area or only think of Mexico the way that the cable news channels report that are not happy. Funny enough something tells me that the moment that I have a cot (realistically a hammock- that is how they roll) for them to rest on.... pretty much everyone that I know will be emailing me to come visit. Especially after seeing these pics. Well. You are all are all welcome to stay at our hotel. :) And possibly get a discount:)

Well. It is almost 100 degrees today so we better get enjoying it. And getting used to it.


Lori said...

It looks beautiful!! When are you moving? Call me when you have a free min. I'd love to chat.

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