Washington DC trip

Well... Ruben and I finally took a trip!!! This was our first real vacation and lasted for some time. And to top off the already great news of taking the trip--- our kids were invited to spend that time in SF with their cousins. :) A pretty surreal experience. Of course- Kennedy smashed her head and got a really bad goose egg above her eye only a few hours before we were to leave for the airport. So we spent our Easter Sunday in the ER to make sure she was okay. She was. So Ruben and I set off for 5 days in Washington DC and 3 days in New York.

Washington DC: On our first day we went to the most amazing dinner that I have ever been to. It was at a beautiful french restaurant - the amuse bushe was a quail egg in a lobster cream sauce. It was at this point that Ruben and I began to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into. One of the coolest things was, because it was a Monday at 5:00 in the evening- there was literally NO ONE else in the whole place. It was as if they had closed just for us. After a lot of food- and even more wine- we prepared to get up from the table (3 hours later) when we were met by our waiter who had a gift for us. It was a very expensive bottle of wine for us to take to our hotel and enjoy with our left overs. To say the least- AMAZING DINER. We did everything from see a movie, went bowling- ate a ton and stopped off for cocktails all over town. Definitely needed since I only brought my best shoes. And anyone who knows me and my shoes can imagine how much my feet hurt. (not one pair under 4 inches- but we both looked great the whole time) The coolest thing that we did- and something that, even after my many trips to DC, I had never done was rent bikes and bike the whole town. Once in the afternoon and then again in the middle of the night. To see all of the monuments and buildings all lit up was just incredible. We literally walked all over DC and saw so much. It was great. Then it was off to New York.

New York: Such an sight to see when driving into the city. It is HUGE!!!! Our hotel room was on the very top floor in Time Square! We again walked all over the city- much to the detriment of both of our feet. Oh well. Again- we looked fabulous. One of the nights we were walking all over and got "lost" near Washington park. We were directed to a great little Italian spot - totally packed! The prices looked great - about 9-15 bucks. Perfect we thought. Well- it turned out to Malto Mario's restaurant. (he is on the food network and one of the Iron Chefs) Well, needless to say- they have it worked out. The food menu took up about 3/4 of a page- the cheese list took up 1 page and the wine list took 3 pages (much smaller writing too) When we left -- we were laughing at our bill... lets just say that the food did not take up even 1/5 of the total bill. This was just one of many great meals that we had.

Our kids had a great time in SF and we had a great trip.


Lori said...

WOW!! Looks like you had a great time. I'm glad that you shared some pictures. You look really good.

Toni said...

Hey Hey Mindy,
Mexico looks beautiful. When are you moving? Your hair cut is cute!
Call me!


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