Changing it up.

When I go through any sort o traumatic experience or bout o depression- I do an revamp o the house-  in some cases a pretty extreme revamp- like painting the front of the house bright purple.  And it must run in the family because my mom does it too.  1 time my dad came home when they were first married and found that she had literally changed apartments.  haha

Well, I have been dealing with some stuff lately and Ruben- knowing me as well as he does had a surprise for me when I got home yesterday.  He had done an extreme makeover of our room.  He ends up with some random paint colors and so he painted 1 wall in the bedroom with this sort of water and rag technique.  He had like maybe 2 cups of paint  - but this trick makes the paint go a long way- and it allows for the color underneath to come through.

He was so cute.   He took down my canopy that was hanging and rearranged the furniture.  I really like how he did it.  He even set up my table for my tarot readings.  This is especially sweet because he is not into tarot readings or card of any kind.  In almost 10 years I have given him like 3 readings- and 2 of those have been since living in Mexico.  

Here there are a lot more of our friends that do card readings or at least understand and respect the practise- so I am not as far out there to him.  He has a picture of me and my mom when I was a baby and a picture o me when I was 5 on the table.  It is really sweet. 

The room has some of our art hanging in it and this makes me really smile.  I love my art- I love my stuff and yes yes I know it is just stuff- but when I left the United States - it was very abrupt.  We had to sell most o what we had and only keep the things that we really cared about.  There was no way I was selling my art. 

And a lot of it is not fancy or particularly special- but I love it.  I found a copy of Van Gogh's Starry Night at the goodwill in a great wooden frame for like 3 bucks- yeah I could have sold it in the garage sale- ironically for more then I bought it for I would bet- but I love it- And when was I going to stumble on a copy of this painting in a great frame for only a few bucks.  It looks great hanging in the kids room.

We have a beautiful metal sun with a glass face that lights up and it is perfect in my room.  It was so sweet of Ruben.  The room really does look great and I love sitting in here. I am usually in my hammock at this time of the day but not today. hahah


Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

How neat that Ruben is so thoughtful and wanting to cheer you up! I love that post.

Paula said...

the room looks great.....sometimes a little change can make a huge difference...hope Lena is feeling better, she sounded so sad when she called this u

Anonymous said...

Must ask. When will you realize you are not the Swiss Family Robinson, this is real life, and your innocent children will be college age in but a few years?
Your ramblings and confessions here are forever documented.

Amanda said...

Three cheers for thoughtful husbands.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Dear anonymous poster- when you realize that I do not give a shit about your your ramblings- Not sure why you think that anything that I talk about here would negativly be viewed by my kids- and really? The Swiss family Robinson? What part of living in another country is anything like being trapped on a desserted island running from pirates? But whatever.

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