Akilean lost his first tooth.

Both of my kids got their teeth at a very early age. Both Kids had 4 teeth at 4-5 months and 8 at 8 months and full mouths by a year. So it was not a huge surprise that they lost them early. Lena has lost several teeth- I think like 7 by now and she just turned 6 in Nov. Some of her friends have not lost the first one. You might remember this picture of Lena's many missing teeth.

Well now Akilean has lost his first tooth. It was loose for a while and we told him to be patient and that he would know when it was time to come out. Sure enough... after a week days- maybe a week he ran to me... mommy mommy- my tooth- it was literally hanging on by a thread. We told him to grab some tissue and hold the tooth and it would come out. Without any difficulty or drama and with a very proud and surprised expression on his face- held his tooth in his had.

It was really cute. He kept wanting to show all of his friends but I told him that he could not touch it anymore because I have a deal with the tooth fairy that once she is done with the tooth - I can keep it because I wanted to save it for his baby tooth. He was totally on board- but then.... wouldn't you know it. the tooth got lost. I luckily had one of Lena's and that worked but it was pretty funny.

i found the tooth but not until the next day. :) jajaja gotta love it.


A Wonderful Life! said...

I just went through something similar. Its scary to see the kids grow up.

Bob Mrotek said...

Whoops! Be careful. In Mexico a mouse collects the tooth and leaves the money and not a fairy :)

Mama of 4 said...

hahaha.. I love the toothless pictures, they are priceless!

Paula said...

they are so cute....teeth can cause drama...call me

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back writing again! Your blog has no date stamp, so it's a bit difficult to tell exactly when things were written.

Very happy to hear yo have found work. It sure will make life easier!

Best of luck!

Isla Chica

Tulum Living said...

Thanks Bob. I never heard that. There are so many great new things to learn.

Isa Chica- thanks for the note about the time stamp- I never noticed. :)

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