Valentines Day Rush

Well. Valentines Day was certainly an adventure. I woke up first thing in the morning and surprised Ruben with a complete breakfast in bed. Steak and eggs, coffee, OJ, mimosa and of course a cupcake and milk. It was perfect. Unfortunately it in never to long before we are up and off to take the kids to school. After dropping off the kids all sugared up on a Valentines Day cupcake breakfast... hehehe... I went home to embark on cooking a bunch of things that I had never made before. We had goat cheese soufflés bites on salad (AMAZING) and then for dinner we had Roquefort cheese soufflés and herb crusted rack of lamb. I was really scared because Ruben kept saying that lamb is only good if it is cooked perfectly. Well, I must say... PERFECT. We ate will tall candles and on our fine china. It was grit. Ruben brought a bottle of wine from vineyard we visited on our honeymoon. For dessert we had a Mexican chocolate and dulcet de leche crepe torte. (trust me, it was all harder to make then it is to read.) :) And all this sitting in the wonderful new pajamas that I got for V-day and the beautiful necklace that I got. Ruben gave me one of the journey necklaces. I loved it. And best of all... he had wrote on the card. You cannot beat that. Well. Until next time. Have fun.


Lori said...

When do we get to see pictures of D.C.?

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