Akilean's Birthday

Well, we have managed to survive another "season." By season I mean that our family from October 5 to Jan. 26 is occupied by not only the big holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas- but we are also blessed with: all 4 birthdays, 3 major holidays, 2 anniversaries (yes- we still celebrate dating!) :) and the day of the Kings - not to mention that New Years is in there too. WOW!!!! Are we ever broke come February. :)

Akilean just had his 3rd birthday!!! Crazy. I cannot believe how big they are getting. And Kennedy has gone from eating her food like a blue bird to eating.... well, like Akilean. :) I feel a growth spurt. You know what that means... New Shoes. I am totally convinced that kids- esp. little girls- are the cure for the shop-o-holic woman. I still get to shop for shoes they are just a lot smaller then I would hope. Well. I certainly hope that this blog works out. So much happens so fast it is probably good to document at least some of if.

Business is going well. We have just gotten some new customers and things are looking up. We will have our vacation home in Mexico in time.


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